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Business Need

It was important to the World Health Organization that management took an active part in and support all the training programs. This therefore meant soliciting the participation of managers, team leaders, and operators. The challenge for Walchand Plus was to customize training content which would capture the attention of all participants.


Walchand Plus conducted a series of interventions for the middle to senior level management of WHO on competency-based programs like Leadership, Conflict Management & Presentation Skills across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh & Myanmar. This was achieved through a flexible approach to training delivery which allowed for the effective training of variety of skill levels and positions within the company.


The participants in part educated each other by bringing their varied everyday working life into the training. Exercises were designed in such a way that everybody could participate and contribute. Each training module relied on real life issues and scenarios from the work place and all participants were expected to bring examples of their working day to the training.

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