Workforce Rightsizing

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Workforce Rightsizing

Rightsizing is a process of bringing an organization to an optimal size.
During a crisis, organizations may look at downsizing to minimize costs and optimize its profits.

They may also be required to introduce a new layer of management and sometimes departments are enlarged.

There are several consequences of rightsizing, from both the people and process point of view. Many organizations may face a challenge after taking critical decisions.
At Walchand Plus Consulting, we can help you at every stage with expertise to Analyze, Advise and Implement the most appropriate Rightsizing solution apt for your organization.

Our consulting methodology helps you to:

  • Utilize your unused workforce and enhance productivity
  • Identify the skillsets essential for current and future performance
  • Create a seamless process of transition for employee downsizing
  • Create a strategic reduction in Workforce to deal with business cycles
  • Establish elaborate communication channels for sensitive communication
  • Allow your managers to be better equipped to deal with difficult conversations and emotions
  • Establish protocols to help protect the employer brand

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