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Training Solutions

Walchand Plus’ training solutions are aimed at creating or enhancing NGO leaders who encourage individuals to take initiative, respond to the emerging needs of the communities they serve and understand their responsibilities better vis-à-vis their beneficiaries. These solutions also focus on assisting individuals to understand the importance of performance and meeting project timelines. We assist NGOs to establish these simple but core workplace skills and behaviors through our programs. We offer solutions in the following areas:

Leadership development:

These programs support trustees, leaders, and managers across levels to develop people, exhibit exceptional skills to manage performance and motivate teams, influence stakeholders and build a sustainable organisation.

Team building and interpersonal skills:

Through a robust process that uses team dynamics and intra-group activities, these programs help your staff master the capabilities demanded by today’s tough socio-economic environment. It helps them perform as persuasive communicators, creative problem-solvers and focused leaders. It helps them develop a take-charge attitude which allows them to take initiatives with confidence and enthusiasm.

Persuasive communication and presentation effectiveness:

Whether you’re persuading potential donors or CSR foundations, energizing a team, or showcasing your idea to the senior management or communities, the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure. These programs also enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills including project writing, email writing and documentation.

Resource mobilisation and negotiation skills:

These programs help you gain an intellectual understanding of resource mobilisation techniques and provide an emotional drive to put them into action. Participants are able to identify and manage contacts, connect with decision makers, display self-confidence and present their solutions enthusiastically.

Process improvement:

These programs help participants to understand the continuum of process improvement and the resulting impact on human behaviours. The participants also learn to manage diversity in age groups, ethnicities, social cultural backgrounds, affiliations and economic circumstances and deploy policies accordingly thereby increase alignment of stakeholders.

Capacity Building:

Designing training programs is a competency that is imperative to enhance outreach and advocacy through innovative methodologies. Through this workshop, participants will learn to develop training programs, create case studies, role-plays, and activities that will not only engage their target audience but also leave behind a lasting impact. These programs enhance trainer competencies in terms of needs assessment; delivery and evaluating training outcomes.
Content in any of the above curriculum areas can be cross-linked and customized as per the organization’s requirement.
By working with international and local NGOs, we have gained deep insights in building capabilities of organizations that we transfer to our partners through our programs. These enable NGOs to not only become effective in implementing development programs but also build capabilities of leaders, decision makers and staff members. These programs enhance the communication and human relations skills of NGOs thereby resulting in effective outreach, advocacy, resource mobilization and professional culture.

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