Prof Hingorani

I found "Developing The Leader In You" program insightful and inspirational. It was a great introspection process and a huge learning experience. I really appreciated the simple to implement but yet very relevant content. I was very impressed with the thorough professionalism and enthusiasm of the trainers.

HR College, Mumbai

Rahul Gajbhiv

Since the engagement levels at my program have improved, the rate of absenteeism has gone down from 20% to 2%! Group discussions are leveraged to resolve 100% of queries raised. Training examination scores are all above 80%!

Ajanta Pharmaceuticals

Arti Chaurasiya

Previously I used to stay till 7 pm (2 hours) extra to complete the assessments .Now I finish all assessment between 11-5pm which is scheduled time .The 2 hours saved are utilized for sharing my observations & reports with my organization.

Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council

Deepti Kumaria

The participants including me learned and apply various principles to understand Diversity. We implemented the learning immediately after completing the training. We can definitely see the change in image of the participant. Now they carry and maintain a professional image. The interpersonal communication skills have improved which leads to better coordination.

The World Bank

Dr Sarita Ranadive

I can proudly state that I am now attending 10% more patients in a work day which is a good improvement. It has also resulted in me managing my time better as I now save around 20% of my time that I can spend with my family.