Talent Engagement

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Talent Engagement

Millennials and high-potential employees are motivated by a desire to give back to the world and increasingly seek out employers that allow them to participate on company time. Dale Carnegie Training India’s Employee Engagement research shows that one of the main drivers of employee engagement is pride in the organization.
Volunteering helps provide employees an expression to their higher goals and builds pride in their organisation thereby creating high levels of employee engagement. The employee volunteering programs at Walchand Plus involve employees in the community initiatives that the company undertakes as a part of its CSR strategy, helping them contribute towards the society. They improve the skill sets and attitudes of employee volunteers towards better serving community needs, leading to enhanced engagement, driving productivity and reducing attrition. They are designed to contribute towards building a culture of volunteering and citizenship among employees and align employee efforts with the broader CSR objectives of the organization. These programs also provide coaching support for any specific level of volunteer engagement. The program structure is such that it helps capture the impact stories from the communities supported.

Walchand Plus employee volunteering programs adopt a multi-tiered approach across the following levels:

Foundational Level – Step up to volunteering

This program is for employees who aspire to give back to the society and helps them understand how volunteering when aligned to organizational CSR goals can create a sustainable future.
Through this program, first-time volunteers are empoweredto communicate boldly, understand community needs by building trust, map stakeholders holistically and create need-based solutions.

Advanced Level – Develop the volunteer in you

This program is for employees who have occasional volunteering experience and incorporates proven ways to inspire people at the grassroots, appeal to their higher rationale and gain their cooperation.
It focuses on enhancing volunteer core competencies to increase their sphere of influence. It also includes developing process and people skills to maximize their efforts.

Expert Level – High impact volunteering

This program is for employees who have significant volunteering experience and focuses on developing employees who can lead volunteering activities without formal authority. This enables them to create collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders for long-term sustainable impact.

Walchand Plus programs will help companies instill a culture of volunteering that also meet the needs of self-satisfaction, self-expression and self-development of their employees. These volunteering programs provide employees an opportunity to network and learn new skills in different areas which will in turn enhance their performance and keep them engaged at the workplace.

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