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Student Development Program

The acclaimed student programs by Walchand Plus focus on building a foundation for enabling positive behaviours in children between the ages of 8 to 14 years through life skills education in schools. Our multi-tiered programs create a transformational journey for a student through their academic life, from grade III to grade IX. These programs typically have the following levels :

Start Right – Level 1:

Developing Students’ Self-Worth: All children have idols – it can be a superhero character or even their parents. If we identify and develop a feeling of belonging and accomplishment in each activity they do, it would make a huge difference in increasing their self-worth.

Start Right – Level 2:

Fostering Students’ Engagement in Learning: When learning is made fun, it is easy to generate curiosity and creativity in children. As one of the leading training companies in India, we ensure that this learning will be imbibed in them by our special instruction materials.

Start Right – Level 3:

Encouraging a Sense of Purpose: Young adults seek a purpose in life. They display leadership skills at a very young age and we nurture & develop these skills to transform them into responsible adults; giving them the confidence to take action and reach out to their dreams.

Teacher Training

Most school systems can struggle with methodically developing talented educators into prospective leaders who have the experience and capability to lead an extraordinary school. Our teacher training programs enable an increase in the capability and facilitation skills of teachers. This also motivates the teachers to transform into leaders and inspire students to achieve their goals.
Post this program, teachers can transform the thinking of their students and motivate them to pursue excellence in all aspects of their life by having engaged classrooms. They will also own up to the school’s goals and take on leadership roles.

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