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Save the Children India

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Save The Children wanted to invest in functional training to the Children of Domestic Workers. This was to be done so that these children have real world skills that would eventually help them get meaningful employment. Initially, they were not sure as to how would these children would benefit from soft skills training and it's value in their lives. Walchand Plus was able to show them the immense impact that soft skills can have on the holistic development of these children.


Walchand Plus was able to present its value proposition for the project as strong social skills and personal demeanor are requisites for professionals in every sector, be it automobile or beauty salons.


Walchand Plus was able to establish credibility by sharing case studies on the various types of interventions done in the industry and outcomes derived from the same. Finally, Save the Children was convinced about the importance of soft skills training and made it an integral part of the curriculum. They even earmarked 24 hours of training per child, to be conducted in time spaced format.

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