Implementation Solutions

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Implementation Solutions

Walchand Plus has designed and implemented solutions for NGOs in education, skills development and women empowerment; among other areas relevant to SDGs. Our team includes professionals who have experience in program design and implementation. And we also have a credible network of implementing partners with development sector experience operating as one team.

For a women empowerment program funded by the state government, Walchand Plus was appointed as the HRD consultant to undertake a study of the HR function and to facilitate in providing strategic HR solutions that are scalable over the next 7 years to facilitate growth for an employee base of 270 employees thereby assisting the organizations to set up robust and effective human resource management practices.
For an international development agency based in Kabul, Walchand Plus through multiple programs helped build capacities of their staff to enhance collaboration, productivity and navigate uncertainty in a conflict zone.

For an employability project based out of Kolkata, Walchand Plus delivered training programs in local languages to adolescent daughters of domestic workers where 24 hours of training per child were conducted, in a time spaced format.

Walchand Plushas worked with non-profit organizations (NGOs and CSR Foundations) globally helping us set benchmarks for project performance. Our experience in working with corporates and social sector organizations allows us to provide our clients with real-world solutions that make both business sense and meet social objectives.

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