What we do

'Great vision without great people is irrelevant'


Walchand Plus HR consulting helps organizations build and enhance their HR frameworks and performance through holistic solutions that are custom designed to impact the organizational results. Our Consulting solutions enable people excellence throughout the employee life-cycle. Walchand Plus offers turnkey consulting and advisory services to corporate organizations that wish to improve their people development and management processes.

Through tailored solutions that range from HR operations, Organizational Development, Talent Development to Talent Engagement and Acquisition too, Walchand Plus leverages its vast industry knowledge and expertise to provide its clients sustainable people-driven results.

We help organizations build their workforce capabilities that will help drive sustainable results. Our 360 degree advisory and consultancy services are designed to put our clients and their people challenges first.

Talent Management

Even in the age of Artificial Intelligence, it is people who drive an organization to excellence. To achieve success in business, the most important thing is to recognize the role good talent can play in helping you achieve your goal. Good talent needs to be nurtured, honed and leveraged for organization’s growth.

Talent Acquisition

Walchand Plus partners with corporates for turnkey talent acquisition. Our solutions are focused towards bridging the gap between workforce and employers. The unique source-train-deploy model is a robust entry-level talent management system that is aligned with client-specific needs for on-boarding industry-ready trained staff for various job roles.

Talent Engagement

Millennials and high-potential employees are motivated by a desire to give back to the world and increasingly seek out employers that allow them to participate on company time. Dale Carnegie Training India’s Employee Engagement research shows that one of the main drivers of employee engagement is pride in the organization.

Talent Development

The goal of talent development is to enhance the competencies of the workforce which aligns to the organizational needs. We help organizations develop strategies for managing talent and achieving superior results. A robust talent development strategy helps organizations plan the scale of future expansions, aim for exponential growth and make strategic leaps smoothly.

Organizational Development

Any intervention which focuses on a  top down organizational approach, is bound to create effectiveness. Our OD assignments help create an organizational culture where employees feel more aligned with the organizational vision and goals. Organizations that are successful often have a multifaceted focus on the various sources of competitive advantage but put their people at the core of it.

HR Operations

The role of HR Operations is critical for people centric organizations and increases the value of the company’s most valuable asset- its people. An efficient HR operations framework catapults the capability of the entire HR function, making it a crucial link in the people management ecosystem. From effective communication to building important collateral for internal use, we help organizations identify a framework that suits them and can be sustainable in the long run too.