Entrepreneurship Development Program

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Entrepreneurship Development Program

Crisis Handling

This program helps adjust and manage change effectively. It focuses on managing personal patterns and attitudes to adapt to crisis.

Innovation: Business Ideas and Opportunities

This program helps understand the business environment and develop business ideas by identifying opportunities for small businesses in the global marketplace.

Contemporary Human Resource Management Practices

This program gives clarity on how HR contributes in facilitating organization performance. It helps the participant understand appraisal process, talent acquisition, talent engagement and designing L&D strategies.

Competency Building for Improved Performance

This program helps in alignment of personal goals and objectives with the organization’s vision. It helps establish performance objectives and enforces accountability to achieve better results.

Presentation Skills for Entrepreneurs

This program helps the participant establish a positive first impression, plan for informational presentations and make full use of expressions, gestures and voice modulation for impactful communication. It also enables one to conduct engaging virtual meetings.
Walchand Plus programs help participants to commit to principles for adapting to changes that get organizational results. They will be able to utilize that tacit knowledge to strengthen individual and team performance levels that will help them build a successful venture.

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