What we do

Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world

Education & Academia

Whether it’s professional competencies or soft skills development, we bring a wealth of experience in skilling to the domain of education. In a dynamic world that faces constant technological disruption, it is extremely crucial to equip students and faculty with the skills that make us agile and employable.

Our skilling initiatives are designed to have a direct effect on the future of the nation - our youth. With a vision that is aligned to the principles of the Skill India Development objective, our endeavour is to build real world skills and competencies in both educators and students.  By increasing employability and promoting excellence in academia we make ideal partners in the skilling and education space.

Our trainers are ISO certified and are from the world class Dale Carnegie pedagogy that efficiently creates a true transformation in personal and professional results.

With more than 100,000 livestouched, WalchandPlus has an enviable track record in the learning and development sector, making it the natural choice for large universities, companies and government bodies alike.

As leaders in professional training, we have various programs at the school, college and university levels as listed below.

School Programs

The acclaimed student programs by Walchand Plus focus on building a foundation for enabling positive behaviours in children between the ages of 8 to 14 years through life skills education in schools.

College Programs

This program is focused on young adults acquiring life skills through highly interactive sessions that include role-playing and real-life scenarios. These skills help college students create goals and empower them to achieve this.

Faculty Development Programs

 Faculty Development Programs promote faculty responsibility at the college-level for the continuous growth of a student. It makes teaching professionals aware of what they do and challenges them to improve the academic experience of students.

College & University Alliances

The majority of support staff such as counsellors, assistants, librarians are usually deployed in the classroom supporting teachers or working directly with learners, but there are several others deployed in supporting roles, too.

Administrative & Management Staff

Faculty development is an integral part of becoming more effective in a classroom. It promotes faculty responsibility at the college-level for the continuous growth of a student.