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'People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing'

Corporate HR & CSR

Walchand Plus has the expertise and scale to consult and  implement all types of HR and CSR projects. We leverage our experience and competence to provide innovative strategies & tailored solutions across different markets and industries. Our turnkey solutions are aligned to the goals and objectives of our clients and are aimed towards adding most value to their CSR and HR initiatives.

We help organizations rethink their talent and philantropic strategies to thrive and contribute passionately in today's competitive and globalized market. Through our laser focussed HR and CSR solutions, we have been able to help both large and medium scale organizations drive long term people centric growth whilst building a strong brand and foundation for the future.

Our experience of HR and CSR initiatives has been across the areas of Community Mobilization, Rural Development, Quality Education in CSR and Talent Development, Engagement, Recruitment and Organization Development in HR .

Business & HR Consulting

Walchand Plus offers turnkey consulting and advisory services to corporate organizations that wish to improve their people development and management processes.

CSR Consulting

Millennials and high-potential employees are motivated by a desire to give back to the world and increasingly seek out employers that allow them to participate on company time. CSR activities help make enviable employer brands and are a great way for corporates to contribute to community development

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POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment E-Learning Workshop)

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, 2013, defines harassment as ‘any unwelcome, sexually determined physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct’
56% working women believe that workplace harassment has increased over the years. But ironically, 80% of the women who face instances of workplace harassment do not report it.
The question we need to ask ourselves is whether we are actively working towards making the workplace, whether it be within four walls or virtual, safe for all employees of the organization?
Safety and well being extends beyond physical health and employee engagement and it has a bearing on critical success factors of organizations.
Sexual harassment at workplace can be taxing to the employees as well as to the entire organization. This can eventually result into undesirable physical and emotional ramifications. All the more, it can adversely affect the productivity of employees to a great extent creating an unpleasant atmosphere, sometimes making it difficult enough even to perform normal work tasks at workplace.
Our POSH e-learning is designed to give the means to not just legally comply with the POSH Act but also give employees the awareness, empathy and emotional intelligence required to make both the virtual and physical workplaces safe for women. It is designed to be engaging, self-paced and holistic.
The Posh E-learning course is designed to cover three important stakeholders in the POSH policy of any organization – the employee, the manager and the ICC committee member.