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Student Development Program

Generation Next – Personal Excellence Program

This program is focused on young adults acquiring life skills through highly interactive sessions that include role-playing and real-life scenarios. These skills help college students create goals and empower them to achieve this. They can then live up to their full potential in academics, personal and professional life.
The Generation Next program enhances interpersonal and communication skills in college students. It also improves their attitude by making them a better team player and honing their leadership skills. This program helps students create a vision for themselves and set goals to achieve this.

Step Up to Professional Excellence

In order to meet the rising need for performance-ready professionals, this program is a must to get students ready for the challenges of the corporate world.
The Step Up to Professional Excellence program will help students project a professional image to potential employers. It provides you skills to increase productivity and improve your personal branding. It also helps build your networking skills to open career doors through impactful communication.

Placement Preparedness Enhancement Program

In today’s cutthroat world, it is imperative to stand out from the crowd and showcase your unique, employer-friendly personality. Through this program, students stand to improve their placement-readiness quotient by experiencing significant developments in their self-confidence, communication skills, ability to manage time, and dealing with stressful interviews and group discussions (GD). They also learn about making an effective CV/resume that accurately represents all their achievements.
It ensures that the student stands out amongst the peers in GD/PIs (personal interviews) is one of the key benefits of this program. It also helps build networking skills through impactful communication.

Better English for Professional Success

This program helps students develop proficiency in the English language, so they may choose from a number of high-quality career prospects after completing their education. We have observed that in tier-3 and tier-4 cities, technical expertise is abundant but proficiency in English often acts a barrier to getting prestigious jobs or management profiles. This program ensures that language becomes an additional advantage for all students.
The Better English program gives you an in-depth understanding of formal and informal writing techniques. It helps you project a professional image through polished conversation skills and be prepared for extempore conversations.

Certificate Program in Executive Excellence

Students stand to benefit from attending the Certificate Program in Executive Excellence by experiencing a significant development in their self-confidence, communication skills and their ability to manage stress; thus augmenting their leadership and people management skills. Students gradually develop into effective leaders with a clear picture of where they are going and what interim goals must be achieved in order to get there.
Students are more confident and build effective relationships. They hone their leadership skills with a strong focus on innovation and execution. They learn about team-work and building team performance. They develop influencing and customer handling skills.

Faculty Development Programs

Faculty development is an integral part of becoming more effective in a classroom. It promotes faculty responsibility at the college-level for the continuous growth of a student. It makes teaching professionals aware of what they do and challenges them to improve the academic experience of students.

Powering Teaching Competencies

The teacher’s ability to deliver training programmes that engage students is vastly increased and enriched. This is done by enhancing critical competencies such as adaptability, innovation, communication, external awareness, influence, interpersonal skills, resilience and collaboration.
This program increases competency in delivering teaching programmes through awareness of global best practices and provides practical methods to help deliver this in classrooms.

High Impact Teaching (PPT skills, facilitation)

This program develops the capability of the faculty to create powerful engagement in the classroom by communicating with immense clarity and impact. Complex ideas can be communicated using simple structures that inspire the students to excel in their careers.
It helps teachers improve their presentation skills and communicate ideas with clarity. These skills help them connect with students and make an indelible impression on them.

Powering Academic Leadership

The success of an educational institute can be attributed to the alignment of its heads of department, student coordinators (and people occupying similar roles in the institution) to the larger vision of facilitating students to become successful. This powerful program helps the senior faculty be better leaders. It imparts the skills required to recognize latent potential in students and foster an environment of mentoring students and junior faculty as well.
This program gives teachers the confidence to lead to ensure they achieve all their goals set for themselves and the institution. They will be able to coach other teachers as well to help them become better facilitators.

Transformational Leadership

This program helps teachers gain a strategic view of what is best for the college and provides them with skills to develop a plan to immediately impact the institution’s future.
It helps teachers learn action-oriented tools that improve performance and hone their leadership skills. It boosts the confidence of teachers and enables them to understand the objectives of the college and how they fit into it.

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