Change Management

Change Management HOME / Corporates. HR & CSR / Change Management BACK TO Corporates, Change ManagementChange ManagementDuring a change management initiative, an Organization’s culture, process, people are affected. In a recent study it was noticed that employees experienced a 20% decline in job performance during transition to change. Besides, the passive aggressive behaviour that is [...]

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement HOME / Corporates. HR & CSR / Employee Engagement/ BACK TO Corporates, Employee EngagementEmployee EngagementAn Engaged Employee creates high value for business. Engaging employees virtually isn’t as simple as it looks on the outside. Organizations that have a remote workforce are constantly evaluating how to increase motivation, productivity and engagement virtually. But only [...]

Workforce Rightsizing

Workforce Rightsizing HOME / Corporates. HR & CSR / Workforce Rightsizing BACK TO Corporates, Workforce RightsizingWorkforce RightsizingRightsizing is a process of bringing an organization to an optimal size. During a crisis, organizations may look at downsizing to minimize costs and optimize its profits. They may also be required to introduce a new layer of management [...]

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning HOME / Corporates. HR & CSR / Business Continuity Planning/ BACK TO CORPORATES, Business Continuity PlanningBusiness Continuity PlanningUnforeseen catastrophic events (natural disasters, pandemics, political unrest, war etc.) result in sudden changes in the environment in which businesses operate. This brings into question the sustainability of the manner and level of production and [...]

Student Development Program

Student Development Program HOME / EDUCATION & ACADEMIA / COLLEGE PROGRAMS BACK TO Education & AcademiaCOLLEGE PROGRAMSGeneration Next – Personal Excellence ProgramThis program is focused on young adults acquiring life skills through highly interactive sessions that include role-playing and real-life scenarios. These skills help college students create goals and empower them to achieve this. They [...]


Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Wipro BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentWiproBusiness NeedMission 10X was launched to address the challenges of employability in engineering education aiming to improve employability of young Indian engineers. As a strategic partner, India Futures role was to bring a paradigm shift in the teaching skills/pedagogy of faculty members.SolutionWPFL [...]

Magic Bus

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Magic Bus BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentMagic BusBusiness NeedWith changing social structures and scenarios and nonacademic impediments of adolescence on a rise, new demands and new roles are being added to the traditional responsibilities of guidance counselors. Hence, the pressure on counselors to continuously demonstrate the critical [...]

Central Bank of India

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Election Commission of India BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study SkillingCentral Bank of IndiaBusiness NeedCentral Bank of India needed to impanel an experienced training partner for the delivery of a specially designed Soft Skill Program, “Manthan” in the Bank. The training activities would focus mostly on behavioral and functional [...]