COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY ALLIANCES HOME / Education & Academia / COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY ALLIANCES BACK TO Education & AcademiaCOLLEGE & UNIVERSITY ALLIANCESThe Alliance Partner Program (APP) helps a University or Educational Group to offer and deliverWalchand Plus student programs & deliver life skills programs within their campus. The alliance partner will be required to provide [...]

Administrative & Management Staff

Administrative & Management Staff HOME / EDUCATION & ACADEMIA / Administrative & Management Staff BACK TO Education & AcademiaAdministrative & Management StaffThe majority of support staff such as counsellors, assistants, librarians are usually deployed in the classroom supporting teachers or working directly with learners, but there are several others deployed in supporting roles, too. Schools [...]

Faculty Development Programs

Faculty Development Programs HOME / EDUCATION & ACADEMIA / Faculty Development Programs BACK TO Education & AcademiaFaculty Development ProgramsFaculty development is an integral part of becoming more effective in a classroom. It promotes faculty responsibility at the college-level for the continuous growth of a student. It makes teaching professionals aware of what they do and [...]


COLLEGE PROGRAMS HOME / CASE STUDY / COLLEGE PROGRAMS BACK TO Education & AcademiaCOLLEGE PROGRAMSStudent Development ProgramGeneration Next – Personal Excellence ProgramThis program is focused on young adults acquiring life skills through highly interactive sessions that include role-playing and real-life scenarios. These skills help college students create goals and empower them to achieve this. They [...]

Student Development Program

SCHOOL PROGRAMS HOME / EDUCATION & ACADEMIA / SCHOOL PROGRAMS BACK TO Education & AcademiaSCHOOL PROGRAMSStudent Development ProgramThe acclaimed student programs by Walchand Plus focus on building a foundation for enabling positive behaviours in children between the ages of 8 to 14 years through life skills education in schools. Our multi-tiered programs create a transformational [...]