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Case Study

From Election Commission of India to World Health Organization, Walchand Plus has been involved in a number of groundbreaking projects that have impacted the way organizations and individuals work and influence the world around them. Through our vast experience and expertise , we have worked with some of the most of venerable names in the public and private sector. What sets us apart is our ability to scale up according to our client’s needs and the assurance of superior service that has become synonymous with the Walchand brand.

Case Study Skilling

Central Bank of India

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Election Commission of India BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study SkillingCentral Bank of IndiaBusiness NeedCentral Bank of India needed to impanel an experienced training partner for the delivery of a specially designed Soft Skill Program, “Manthan” in the Bank. The training activities would focus mostly on behavioral and functional [...]

Konkan Railway

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Election Commission of India BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study SkillingKonkan RailwaySome key stakeholders were identified in the Konkan Railway ecosystem who directly or indirectly had an impact on the customer experience. The support staff from other divisions was one such stakeholder that has the responsibility to ensure the [...]

Election Commission of India

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Election Commission of India BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study SkillingElection Commission of IndiaNeedThe gigantic task force for conducting a countrywide general election consists of nearly five million polling personnel and civil police forces. This huge election machinery is deemed to be on deputation to the Election Commission and [...]

Agriculture Skill Council of India

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Case Study Empowerment

Don Bosco

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Don Bosco BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentDon BoscoBusiness NeedThe need was to partner with Don Bosco to help the 38 underprivileged men that were identified at Don Bosco’s single room to improve their employability and upskill them for the industry. SolutionAs part of a CSR initiative, Walchand [...]

Save the Children India

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Save the Children India BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentSave the Children IndiaBusiness NeedSave The Children was considering investing in the functional training for the Children of Domestic Workers. This was to be done so that these children have real world skills that would eventually help them get [...]


Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Wipro BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentWiproBusiness NeedMission 10X was launched to address the challenges of employability in engineering education aiming to improve employability of young Indian engineers. As a strategic partner, India Futures role was to bring a paradigm shift in the teaching skills/pedagogy of faculty members.SolutionWPFL [...]

Magic Bus

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Magic Bus BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentMagic BusBusiness NeedWith changing social structures and scenarios and nonacademic impediments of adolescence on a rise, new demands and new roles are being added to the traditional responsibilities of guidance counselors. Hence, the pressure on counselors to continuously demonstrate the critical [...]

Dr Reddy’s Foundation

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Dr Reddy’s Foundation BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentDr Reddy’s FoundationBusiness NeedDRF wanted to conduct LABS (Livelihood Advancement Business School), an effective short-term skill development program for the underprivileged section of society.SolutionLABS (Livelihood Advancement Business School) was tailored by Walchand Plus to meet the exact needs of the [...]

World Health Organisation

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / World Health Organisation BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentWorld Health OrganisationBusiness NeedIt was important to the World Health Organization that management took an active part in and support all the training programs. This therefore meant soliciting the participation of managers, team leaders, and operators. The challenge for Walchand [...]

USAID funded Alternative Development Program Eastern Region (ADP/E)

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / USAID funded Alternative Development Program Eastern Region (ADP/E) BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentUSAID funded Alternative Development Program Eastern Region (ADP/E)Business NeedADP/E was one part of a multipolar strategy to reduce poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, a balanced approach of incentives and disincentives that included public information, eradication, interdiction, [...]

Global Day of Giving

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Global Day of Giving BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentGlobal Day of GivingBusiness NeedThere is a strong need that our nation’s youth must have the skills they need to succeed in life. It is important to support communities with the goal of transforming the lives and career potential [...]

Bharti Foundation

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Bharti Foundation BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentBharti FoundationBusiness NeedBharti Foundation is committed in creating programs that bring sustainable changes through education & technology. The need was to align and integrate performance along with Learning Management processes for internal employees.SolutionWalchand Plus developed a Leadership Roadmap and beyond for [...]


Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / MAVIM NGO BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentMAVIM NGOBusiness NeedMAVIM introduced empowerment program to enable rural women to make use of opportunities in economic, social & political spheres. The aim was to create strong and sustainable Self Help Groups (SHGs) to provide economic and social support to underprivileged [...]


Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / ICRISAT BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentICRISATBusiness NeedICRISAT, an international organization conducting agricultural research for rural development faced issues like virtual team dynamics and ineffective communication which led to team members making poor decisions affecting the overall business performance.SolutionWalchand Plus conducted a “Collaborative Leadership” time spaced program with [...]

Literacy India

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / Literacy India BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentLiteracy IndiaBusiness NeedLiteracy India wanted to manage their talent force by enabling a transformation within the employees through learner centric real life & experiential training workshops. They wanted holistic learning interventions for the project coordinators that will address gaps in implementing [...]


Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / ONGC&CONCOR BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentONGC&CONCORBusiness NeedDue to poor quality of water and presence of chemical/bacteriological contamination, many water borne diseases are spread, causing untold misery, and in several cases even death, of people from underdeveloped regions. It has been proven time and again that these diseases [...]

Case Study Education


Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / MIT-SOM & VIT BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentMIT-SOM & VITBusiness NeedIn 2007, India had witnessed a steady growth in GDP in excess of 7.6 percent per annum for last several years. A CII Employment Potential Study in 2007 for 36 sectors indicated that an additional 2.5 million [...]

UPES, Dehradun

Case Study HOME / CASE STUDY / UPES, Dehradun BACK TO CASE STUDIESCase Study EmpowermentUPES, DehradunBusiness NeedUPES is an UGC recognized institute that conducts courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels. The institute envisioned smooth transition of students from school to college thereby wanting to improve their overall personality.SolutionWalchand Plus conducted a Personality Excellence Program [...]

Prof Hingorani

I found "Developing The Leader In You" program insightful and inspirational. It was a great introspection process and a huge learning experience. I really appreciated the simple to implement but yet very relevant content. I was very impressed with the thorough professionalism and enthusiasm of the trainers.

HR College, Mumbai

Rahul Gajbhiv

Since the engagement levels at my program have improved, the rate of absenteeism has gone down from 20% to 2%! Group discussions are leveraged to resolve 100% of queries raised. Training examination scores are all above 80%!

Ajanta Pharmaceuticals

Arti Chaurasiya

Previously I used to stay till 7 pm (2 hours) extra to complete the assessments .Now I finish all assessment between 11-5pm which is scheduled time .The 2 hours saved are utilized for sharing my observations & reports with my organization.

Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council

Deepti Kumaria

The participants including me learned and apply various principles to understand Diversity. We implemented the learning immediately after completing the training. We can definitely see the change in image of the participant. Now they carry and maintain a professional image. The interpersonal communication skills have improved which leads to better coordination.

The World Bank

Dr Sarita Ranadive

I can proudly state that I am now attending 10% more patients in a work day which is a good improvement. It has also resulted in me managing my time better as I now save around 20% of my time that I can spend with my family.