Business Continuity Planning

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Business Continuity Planning

Unforeseen catastrophic events (natural disasters, pandemics, political unrest, war etc.) result in sudden changes in the environment in which businesses operate. This brings into question the sustainability of the manner and level of production and output, thus impacting revenues and the very survival of the organization.
Data suggests that a large number of organizations that do not have a disaster recovery plan (DRP) or a contingency plan in place do not reopen in the aftermath of a crisis. A robust business continuity plan is one that allows an optimal level of output and performance despite the external environment. It is a critical and strategic ongoing process that has far reaching effects on business viability.
At Walchand Plus, with our vast experience in the field of consulting, we have helped several clients, across varied sectors to realize their business goals.
We leverage our expertise, our research backed process to give you solutions that are uniquely relevant to your business.

Our consulting methodology enables:

  • Disaster readiness and the ability to respond quickly and strategically to any disruption
  • Resilience to recover from any crisis and rebuild swiftly.
  • Awareness of current disaster readiness
  • Risk Assessment & business impact analysis
  • Prioritization of Key Risks
  • Analysis of prevalent gaps in the disaster response
  • Evaluation of multiple Options & tailor Solutions accordingly
  • Employees and Stakeholders awareness
  • Testing, upgrade and maintenance of business continuity process

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