Administrative & Management Staff

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Administrative & Management Staff

The majority of support staff such as counsellors, assistants, librarians are usually deployed in the classroom supporting teachers or working directly with learners, but there are several others deployed in supporting roles, too. Schools depend on these individuals to ensure efficient administration. Thus, it is imperative that all school support staff is able to access appropriate support and training, including progression routes.

Building High Performing Teams

This program creates an environment of teamwork and collaboration by improving team communications. It also helps you manage individual and team attitudes to improve existing internal processes.
The outcome of the session is that participants feel accountable for their actions that impact the organization. It promotes a result-oriented temperament by making one passionate about winning. It helps one have a positive and friendly outlook thereby promoting customer centricity. This program aligns an individual with the global standards and best practices of teamwork & collaboration.

Powerful People Skills

This program focuses on promoting world class service at every customer interface and learning skills & tips on managing expectations, improving interpersonal skills & seeing things from multiple points of view.
These programs are customized to ensure that the support staff is highly engaged with the institution. The staff will develop skills to ensure that they excel in service delivery at every customer touch point, and act as ambassadors of the institute.

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